Melissa Noack's Professional Portfolio - UNE Master's of Science In Education - Fall 2008

Visual Arts Teacher & Learning Area Leader
Yarmouth High School - Yarmouth, Me 04096

I have been teaching for twelve years, the past ten years at Yarmouth High School. I am a Visual Arts teacher and Learning Area Leader for Visual and Performing Arts. I teach a variety of courses: Art Fundamentals, Drawing & Painting 1, Photo levels 1, 2, & 3, and Graphic Design. From the moment I began teaching, I have always loved my career; it is my true passion. I try very hard to balance my professional life with my personal life. I am married with two children, ages seven and nine. Family is very important to me; we spend six weeks of summer together at Popham Beach. We enjoy walking the beach, collecting shells and sand dollars, swimming, kayaking, and having fun!

As a result of completing my Master's of Science in Education at the University of New England, the following portfolio represents who I am as a teacher and learner. I hope you find the contents insightful and meaningful. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.




Mission Statement & "About Me" Metaphor


Core Teaching Standards

Artifacts and Rationale

Final Reflection

Summative Reflection

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